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Wouldn’t it be great if every day felt like it was a weekend? That’s what Dash2Retire is all about. Having the financial independence to choose where to work, when to work or not to work at all.

If you’re new to FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early – it’s a relatively new term to describe a relatively old idea. Having enough financial resources that could sustain your current lifestyle without relying on earned income from a job.

Anyone can join this race – at any age, any income and any stage of life.

On this site, you’ll learn how to create a plan to FIRE and find encouragement to stick with it. Currently, my husband and I are on track to be financially independent by the summer of 2020.

There will be lots of information about building income streams and using different investment strategies to increase income. These strategies include rental income, peer to peer lending, investing for dividends and more. I’ll post about our wild successes and our crash-and-burn failures as we make progress toward the finish line.

I hope you’ll join me on this race and maybe, pick up some knowledge and provide some advice along the way.

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To get started, check out this post on How to Create a Plan for Total Financial Freedom.

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